There are 3 ways to obtain DigitX tokens.


Initial Coin Offering

Participate in our crowdsale today and receive your tokens immediately. Only 1 million tokens are available for sale and prices will be increased every month until December. After 1 million tokens have been sold, Ether sent to the contract address will be converted to a donation and you will be awarded additional tokens through the donation pool.


Donate and win.

The second way to get tokens is by donation. Ten million tokens have been allocated to the donor pool and rewards will be split proportionally among all donors on January 1 2018. You can donate either by adding more ether than the cost of your tokens or directly without buying tokens in the crowdsale by following the instructions below.


Win tokens during the mining period

25% of the mineable tokens (187.5 million) will be distributed via a lottery to an ethereum address that is registered with us. This lottery will be taking place over the next 75+ years to ensure that a wide distribution of tokens is obtained while protecting the market value of the token. Register your Ethereum address today to be in with a chance of winning!


<<<<<<< HEAD


November pricing - 1 Ether = 114 |X|
>>>>>>> 88f48033057e68d69d562b79d7493c9b197d5998 December onwards - 1 Ether = 100 |X|

How to participate in the crowdsale

To participate in our crowdsale - you must send Ether to contract address 0x9a4fe70bb7b39127f4772acaf0d000578644b39d. A whole number of |X| tokens will be distributed based on the current price. If you send more Ether than required for a whole number of tokens, your change will be automatically added to the donation pool.

Compatible wallets
The following wallets are compatible with Ethereum tokens:

There is an allocation of 10 million tokens in our donation pool. On January 1 2018, all donors will be awarded tokens based on the percentage of tokens that they donate relative to total donations. So if you donate 10 Eth and that represented 10% of all donations, you would receive 1 million tokens.

Change based donation
The change donation allows you to purchase tokens in the crowdsale and have change automatically sent to the donation whenever you send more Ether that can purchase a whole number of tokens.

Direct donation
If you'd prefer to donate directly, however, you will need to send ether to the "crowsdSaleDonate" function of the contract. Contract address - 0x9a4fe70bb7b39127f4772acaf0d000578644b39d
Note that this function will cease working after Jan 1, 2018.

To send a donation to the contract address using Parity:

  1. In your Parity client click on the "Contracts" tab in the top menu.
  2. Click on "+Watch" in the sub menu and choose Token from the list. Click next (bottom right of the screen)
  3. In Network Address enter the contract address shown above. For Name put "|X|" or "*X*" without the quotes.
  4. If nothing is entered in the contract abi section, copy and paste the below:
  5. Click on the Add Contract button and return to the Contracts screen. You should now see the contract in your list - click on it.
  6. In the submenu at the top right, click on the "Execute" button.
  7. Select the account you wish to donate from and in the "Function to execute" section, choose the crowdSaleDonate function. Enter the value in Eth you wish to donate.
  8. Click on Post Transaction to donate.

Gas is the transaction cost you pay to the Ethereum network to execute a function. We've kept our functions small so that the gas cost is low. If you are using a client that doesn't automatically compute the amount of gas you need or you wish to enter it manually, use a value of 120,000 gas. This should be more than enough.

Funds raised in the crowdsale and donation pool will be used to :

  • develop APIS for the use of the DigitX protocol in software
  • kickstart open source software projects in artificial intelligence and robotics
  • develop tools which make training AI and robotics easier - you shouldn't need a PHD to get involved.
  • promote the DigitX protocol in the global software community