DigitX is committed to developing, supporting and promoting open source projects which take on the big challenges in AI and Robotics and/or which create an interesting new job in the digital economy. If you have a project which fits this category and you can use |X| tokens in your product - let us know.

In Active Development

We believe that the strength of a digital token is really held in the network which supports it. To that end we are focusing our efforts on trying to predict what the future of AI and robotics will be like and then designing and developing the platforms, hardware and software that contribute to making that future a reality.

Below are a few projects that we have committed to delivering on and will be using DigitX tokens as a part of their final products.

Get in touch

We don't think that our projects are the only ones which will contribute to the decentralised development of AI and Robotics so don't hesitate to get in touch if you think you have a project which might be a good fit to be listed below.

AI Exchange

Download AI Exchange Whitepaper
AI On Demand platform with open source neural network models and a royalty based system for model creators and token rewards for individuals lending compute power to neural network generation.

Status: Confirmed
Launch Date: Q1 2019
Whitepaper: Download Now


Persist Whitepaper

Open Source database optimised for Artificial Intelligence applications.

Status: Pre-Alpha design and software development
Launch Date: Q1 2018
Whitepaper: Download Now

Robotics Exchange

Robotics Exchange Whitepaper in development.

Open Source Hardware platform with detailed howtos and 3d printable projects.

Status: Idea Phase, Domain Registered, seeking collaborators and developers
Launch Date: None yet