DigitX aims to be the digital token and protocol of choice for the decentralised AI and Robotics community.


Initial Coin Offering

X is a digital token launched on the Ethereum blockchain. (see more) Participants in our CROWDSALE and donors to project development will receive token rewards.


Find out how you can get DigitX

Initially, DigitX tokens will be distributed to token purchasers and donors to the DigitX project. Eventually miners will be able to obtain tokens by merge mining with Ethereum.


Become a part of the DigitX ecosystem

DigitX tokens will be available to projects which have a compelling vision and use case, contribute to the open source development of AI and robotics technology or establish a new business model and/or job type in the emerging digital economy.


DigitX is a new digital token. (Oh no, not another one!) Yes, another one. We're not just creating any new token though. We're looking to develop an ecosystem around artificial intelligence and robotics.

We believe that the value of a token is really held in the ecosystem and network of applications that it creates, not necessarily how much it trades for or how much it has raised. 

For this reason we've decided to do things a bit differently:

- The intitial crowdsale is limited to 1 million tokens only 

- There is a donation pool of 10 million tokens which will be allocated to donors proportionally based on the level of their donation relative to total donation pool size.  
- 15% of all tokens will be used to seed projects which directly support the network
- The remaining tokens will be merge-mined with Ethereum. Miners will receive the majority of the tokens but some will be sent to random Ethereum addresses from the last mined block.

This structure means that even though our crowdsale participants, our donors and Ethereum users are rewarded for their involvement, the majority of the value early on is directed towards the projects which add the most value to the network and opensource AI/Robotics ecosystem.

- Completely legal ICO - Our token sale + donation model means you won't have issues with regulators in the future.
- Contribute to advancing the state of technology which has a huge net benefit to humanity
- Merged Mining with Ethereum - DigitX benefits from a broad distribution base.
- Be a part of an ecosystem that is currently experiencing strong interest and high growth.

Because we are software engineers who love a challenge, and when we looked at the AI and Robotics fields, we realised that there is still a very long way to go to make these fields mainstream. We'd like to be a part of that transition. We believe that these two fields have enough innovation left in them to allow us to pivot strategically  if we need to over the long term and still deliver enormous value to the community.

Are you an AI or robotics researcher, mechanical or electrical engineer, software developer or just want to be a part of building the future? Contact us below, attach your CV and find out how you can join the team.


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